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Our hope and prayer is that wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you might take one more step closer to God and grow in your personal knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the exact representation of God the Father.
So knowing Jesus is the best thing for knowing God. 

Everything at Grace is focused on helping you do that. From the children’s ministry to the Sr. Adult gatherings, we strive to help people know, understand, and live in relationship with our Creator.

If we can help you in this quest, please allow us the privilege. You can send an email to our office, make a phone call, or talk with me or another church member at a Sunday morning service.

We hope to have the privilege of meeting you in person.  And, as you have blessed us with your presence, we hope that you also are blessed by the awareness of God’s.


~ Pastor Bob




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Sunday Service 10:30AM

Bible Study
for all ages

Hospitality Table Continental Breakfast

Grace Church
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